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What is a Park Model?

A Park model is a Tiny Home, manufactured and sold primarily to second home owners that want a vacation or winter home where they can go and enjoy. By law, a park model can not be more than 400 square feet in size.

Most Park model homes have been lived in on average of only 3 months a year. That’s why the older homes look and are in very good to excellent condition.

New Park Model owners;

When the owners of new park models are ready to settle down to their primary home, they will, in turn, sell their park model.

We buy these well kept and clean homes and resell them to those that are in the market for a more affordable home as a “Mother Inlaw” or even a second rental property.

Buy a park model as a long term investment.  A park model offers the comfort of a real home that is practical and fully functional. These beautiful gently used park models are priced to sell.

Each park model we offer for sell has been carefully selected, often purchased from originally retired owners. They have been maintained and kept up each year.

Arizona is a top snowbird destination.  As an oasis in the desert, living in a park model is a prudent way to minimize your monthly expenditures and enjoy a lifestyle that is both affordable and comfortable.

Three out of four seasons of the year Arizona is extremely temperate. During the summer, (with only  400 sq ft.) a park model is easily air-conditioned to suit your own desired temperature zone.

A Park Model is an excellent investment utilized as a second home or primary retirement home.

Call or email us for more information. Let us know how we can be of service to you in selecting a park model home for your needs.


Wheels and axels mounted.  Ready to Move to your lot!


Size: 396 SQ. FT. / 12 x 38

1 Bedroom

1 Bath

Full Kitchen

Living Rm

Many are offered Fully Furnished

Each used park model features a spacious closet, counter, and storage space.

AC/Heat pump optional

Some units are all electric, others use propane for the stove and heat.

Park model trailers, although considered recreational vehicles, are transportable and primarily designed for long-term or permanent placement at a destination where an RV or mobile home is allowed. When set up, park models are connected to the utilities necessary to operate home style fixtures and appliances. Park models are popular with people for use as a cottage, vacation or retirement home.
In the United States, park models must remain under 400 square feet (37 m2) to qualify as a recreational vehicle under federal and state laws. In Canada, park models must remain under 540 square feet in order to qualify as a recreational vehicle. Over that size they would be considered a manufactured home and subject to different taxes and regulations. Many units feature slide-out or tip-out bays, which collapse into the unit for travel, and then expand outward when parked to increase overall living space. All floor plans are designed to remain under that limit when adding bays. If buyers want to stretch a plan, then the width may need to be narrowed. If they want to widen a plan, then the length has to be shortened.
A park model usually has steel tie-down straps for attachment to ground anchors. These are often required to satisfy local zoning and/or mobile home park regulations.
Standard campers without fresh water and/or holding tanks are often mistakenly identified as park models. Source is from,

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